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Laughter is the best medicine

One of the first things I ever got published and paid for was in the Reader’s Digest Laughter is the Best Medicine slot. I’m not going to tell you what I wrote, as it really wasn’t funny. Trust me. But, as far as stress and gloominess are concerned, laughter is a phenomenally good medicine. And free.

If you want to know a bit more, there’s an informative article here.

But really you just want (and need) a laugh, don’t you? So, I’ve collected the funniest You-Tube (or other) video clips I know and share them with you here. I wrote this post on a day in which I was feeling horribly stressed and anxious and I now have tears (of the right sort) pouring down my face.

Hilarious video of two cats playing, with clever voice overs from two guys.

Babies eating lemons, always good for a laugh.

As are babies laughing.

I love the videos of the talking alsation that Andrew Grantham makes. He very kindly gave me permission to use this one in schools in my anti-stress talks. And he has now done this one, just as good.

We all love the moonwalking Shetland ponies and I adore the new Evian advert.

But my favourite involve goats screaming like humans. The first bit isn’t sooo funny but it gets funnier.

And once you’ve seen that, you have to watch some of the Goat Edition songs – well-known songs with screaming goats inserted… I think my favourites are Taylor Swift and Bon Jovi. I even start laughing before the goats appear….

I’d love your suggestions in the comments below. Keep ’em clean, please, as this is for schools, too.

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