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Censorship panel, filmed in Kuala Lumpur

KLpanelIf you want to know what I said about censorship at the Cooler Lumpur festival in Malaysia this year, here is the recording. The first part is a lecture by Dr Ma Thida which actually took place afterwards, so we didn’t hear it, which is a shame. My first bit on the panel starts 1 hour in.

I was interested to see that I didn’t seem stressed. I hid it well… I knew it was being recorded but I actually didn’t know it was being filmed.

Tomorrow, the Edinburgh International Book Festival starts and it will be great to meet up with the writers who did the censorship panels in other festivals around the world. I was incredibly lucky to go to KL for the #Word festival – I blogged about it here. Highlight of my year, to be honest. Apart, of course, from the moment last week when my Crabbit tea-towels arrived and then this week when my HELP! TEENAGER IN THE HOUSE! ones came…

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