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Enterprise in Education

LHS FClose_optA lovely thing happened the other day. I heard that I’d been named an Enterprise in Education Champion.

Larbert High School didn’t tell me they had nominated me so it was a huge surprise! Entrepreneurship is incredibly important to me – I don’t remember a time when I didn’t dream up crazy ideas and usually make the mistake of acting on them – and I can’t think of anything I’d rather get an award for. The award recognizes “that you have, through your support, demonstrated an attitude that is enthusiastic and motivating and that you have inspired and encouraged young people to develop an enterprising attitude.”  Blown away!

The EEC is a scheme that operates all around the UK, each one administered by a local council. Falkirk Education Services have been running the award since 2006 and have always placed pupils’ views centre stage when selecting nominations. Two S2 pupils from Larbert High endorsed the nomination and their comments on the citation made me a bit lumpy in the throaty.  They were pupils I’d met in Edinburgh when they came on a gory visit to the Old Town while they were studying Fleshmarket. I blogged about that hereLarbert High School a wonderful school and the commitment of the staff really motivates the pupils.

Coincidentally, I heard about the award on the day I told the school about my brand new enterprise, Brain Sticks™, which I’ve been dreaming about and working on for most of the last year!

I know I’m incredibly lucky that the school chose to nominate me. There are so many other people who give up time and energy to help in schools, who deserve it as much if not more. But luck is a big part of life and when it happens to me I’ll gratefully accept it 🙂


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