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Understanding and Supporting Your Teenagers – the video

Free breathing/relaxation audio

This audio is suitable for people of any age, including teenagers approaching exams.

The recording takes just over four minutes. But when you have learnt the technique, you will be able to do it yourself, without my voice, in just one minute, making it ideal for use before or during an exam or any stressful situation. You can also make the exercise last much longer – as long as you want. There’s nothing fancy about it, nothing magic. But it works.

When you practise this the first few times, you need to be somewhere comfortable and private. Once you know the techniques, you’ll be able to use them in other places and you won’t need to be lying or reclining so comfortably and you won’t need even to close your eyes. But for now, I’m assuming that you are lying on a bed or sitting in a comfortable armchair. (Somewhere where you won’t fall over if you become a little too relaxed… Which wouldn’t be very relaxing, would it?) And somewhere where no one will disturb you.

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