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Teenage bedrooms – an explanation

Back in 2012, I did a short talk at a massive conference in London. It was a TED-style format, lots of people doing a max 15-minute talk on something relevant to young people. (This was a Christian conference for youth workers, by the way. I did try to explain that I’m not a Christian…) I don’t remember whether I knew it was being filmed but I do remember being incredibly uncomfortable on stage. Couldn’t see the powerpoint screen, couldn’t see the vast audience, felt very very very tiny. And I came on immediately after a Christian rock band and a lot of very loud praying. I almost resorted to that myself, tbh.

Anyway, the other day, they sent me a link to the film. It took me a long time to pluck up courage to watch it. People often ask me to explain teenage bedrooms and I think that when they ask me they assume I can’t. Well, I can.

And I can now reveal that the young photographer who took the photos for me was Helen Giles, daughter of Ann Giles, of Bookwitch fame. I hasten to add that Helen made the bedroom deliberately messy – this was art, remember, not some kind of objective truth…

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