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A few speaking slots available in 2025

What is the 21st Century Doing To Our Teenagers?

Someone asked me if they could see the powerpoint presentation from my 2015 Edinburgh International Book Festival talk of that title. Certainly. It’s below – though it won’t make so much sense without my spoken words.

However, I can now also let you hear my spoken words because the festival recorded it in full. I didn’t know till afterwards that it was being recorded and, if I’d known, I would have referred more explicitly to the words on the screen, otherwise it isn’t always obvious what I’m referring to if you’re only listening.

Ideally, you’d have been there, but I hope this gives you a taster of the range of material. There was SO much more to say! And from it came an invitation to go and speak in India later this year. (That’s me trying not to sound ridiculously excited.)

The recording is here.

The Powerpoint is below.

It’s a tough and exciting world out there, full of challenges and opportunities. I believe we need to understand the challenges before we can take the opportunities.

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