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Quick surveys on adolescence, life online and readaxation

A quick reminder of these surveys I’d love you to fill in and/or share.

  1. Positively Teenage – How positive are you? This is for 10-18s. It gives me lots of info about how you’re feeling about being a teenager and gives you a chance to share your thoughts anonymously. There’s even a bit where you can give advice to other teenagers ?

  Please go here. It will only take a few minutes. Tell your friends!

2. Life Online – smartphone and social media use. This survey about smartphone and social media usage and attitudes is for all ages but I particularly want young people between 10 and 24 to take part as I’m interested in the different responses between each specific group within that range. Adults are catered for, too, although a few questions won’t be relevant to you.

The link is here. Please share widely!

3. Readaxation survey – does reading relax you? For all ages. Here.

In case you’re wondering why no blogposts from me recently, it’s because I’m in the process of having a complete website reconstruction. Please hang around – I have lots of new content planned.

Do comment but please remember that this site is for all ages.


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