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My EUGDPR Compliance Statement


I care about your data. I care about your data so much that I have just spent several hours boring myself rigid and drawing up my EUGDPR compliance statement, so that I can confirm as strongly as is possible how much I care about the security of your data.

I care about it partly because I care about my own data and detest being spammed. Apart from the usual nonsense, I get loads of requests from people who’ve harvested my email from somewhere and contact me to ask me to do things for them unpaid. It drives me nuts.

Anyway, I know it’s the least exciting thing you’ve done today but it’s important so please click through to this link if you are in any of the following categories:

  1. You subscribed to my old website/BrainSane newsletter (up to end of 2017). If so, you gave me your name, email address and indicated whether you were parent, school librarian, other school staff, or “just interested”. I don’t do the BrainSane newsletter any more but you have been transferred to the new site and will now receive monthly updates with my website posts/articles and occasional other news. If you want to unsubscribe, the easiest action is to wait till the next update (Mar 28) and then click unsubscribe. All your data that I hold will vanish.
  2. You have signed up to the new site. If so, you have given me your email address. (You can obvy unsubscribe on Mar 28, too.)
  3. You have bought one of my classroom materials. If so, your name, school name and email address are collected as the licensee. This is compulsory, as I have to record who has a licence.
  4. You have bought something from my website. If so, I have your contact details from the order, which I have to keep as proof of income for HMRC. You have not been added to any other database. If you want me to redact your name and email address from the order from the archive, I will.
  5. You have contacted me by email (or through my website). If so, you have not been added to any database but gmail (or my website) will have kept your email address, which I can’t delete.

This is all very tedious, as I have always been scrupulously careful, but I really don’t want to bug anyone. And in order not to bug everyone, I have to bug everyone by contacting them to check they know I have their email addresses etc but that I will a) be very careful with their data and b) not bug them.

So, if you’re in any of the above categories, get yourself some strong coffee to keep you awake and read the statement here.

Then eat chocolate. It’s the only way. You have my permission.

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