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Understanding and Supporting Your Teenagers – few spaces left and I’m not doing it again!

Giveaway winners!

The lucky winners of the giveaway competition to launch Positively Teenage and The Teenage Guide to Life Online are…..


Agnes Guyon and Kevin Sheehan! Congratulations, both.

But now I feel bad for everyone who wanted a copy but didn’t win. SO, I’m giving away two more books. And the winners are….

Sara Fitton and Rita Grant

All the above were picked using a random number generator but then I had to award an extra prize to Sue Wray for going to the trouble of writing a poem!

If you’re named above:

  • Congratulations and thanks for being interested
  • Please tell me (via the contact link above) your choice of book (Positively Teenage or The Teenage Guide to Life Online)
  • Let me know how you’d like them signed
  • Let me know if you represent a school, in which case I’ll also send you posters for the library, as well as postcards
  • I’ll send the mugs to Agnes and Kevin

If you’re not named above:

  • I’m very sorry! But thank you so much for entering and for being interested.

If you’re from a school, have you entered the AskNicolaMorgan well-being competition yet?

Thanks again, everyone. Keep up the good work in your schools and families.


Do comment but please remember that this site is for all ages.


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