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Switch Off Saturday / Sunday?

The weekend approaches! However busy you are, this should involve rest and relaxation. You might be in the middle of exams or something else high-pressure in your life. The more busy and the more stressed you are, the more you’ll benefit from a break. We should never feel that we are too busy for a break – it’s exactly those times of too-busyness when we most need a break. That’s what I learnt the hard way and I admit I still find it quite hard to follow.

But I do. Because I know what’s good for me and what will make me function and feel better.

Trouble is, it’s all too easy to fill that time off with more screen-time, in the belief that it’s relaxing. Sometimes, it can be. there’s nothing wrong with using our screens for work and for play. BUT it’s far too easy to spend too much time on our screens, leading to eye strain and lack of physical exercise and sometimes to stress, dissatisfaction and negativity.

So, my tip this weekend is to fill plenty of time with lots of off-screen/offline activities.

I’ll be gardening hard – I’ve just bought a bit of our neighbour’s garden and there’s a LOT to do.

What will you do? Go shopping? See friends? Make something? Bake or cook? Start a new hobby? Go for a walk? Lie on the grass, daydreaming? read a book purely for pleasure? Go somewhere you’ve never been before? Play sport? Watch sport?

Whatever you choose, it’s important to be aware about it: consciously think, “I’m doing this because it’s going to make me feel good and my brain work better.”

Let me know how you do and how it makes you feel?

Let’s switch off this weekend – switch off from stress and switch off our screens, not all the time but just enough to make a difference. Our well-being is very much in our hands.



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