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Understanding and Supporting Your Teenagers – few spaces left and I’m not doing it again!

Edinburgh Book Festival – a positive life online, for teenagers and adults

I’m speaking about both Positively Teenage and The Teenage Guide to Life Online at the #edbookfest on Aug 23rd. Please come! This event is advertised in the children’s programme but is equally for adults. You do not need to bring a young person but I’d love it if you did. I will speak in a way that works just as well for any age. I do not talk down.

I will delve into the science behind what’s really happening when we use – and use again and keep using and maybe occasionally (or even often) over-use – our smartphones and other screens. How our brain bandwidth is affected. Whether it matters. What matters. Why. Distraction, addiction, concentration, procrastination, self-esteem, fake news, conversation, and more. How to get a grip and let our screens be our tools not our tyrants.

That makes it sound as though I’m only talking about Life Online. Where does Positively Teenage come into it? Well, how can you be positively teenage if you don’t get to grips with life online? Being connected is an enormous part of being teenage – and being human. Positively Teenage gives you control over your life. It’s reassuring, empowering and incredibly wide-ranging.

Adults, if you want the fascinating truths about our screens (and your teenagers’ screens) so you can make (and follow) healthy rules, please come.

Teenagers, if you want your parents to behave better with their phones, bring them with you. (Your adults, not their phones…)

Adults, if you want to feel better about your sons and daughters and their ability to create their own futures, this is for you.

Young people, if you want to feel excited and empowered by being the age you are, this is for you.

Everyone who’s interested in modern adolescence AND the positive role of screens, just come.

Teachers, bring a group of interested students. Teenagers, bring your parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles. Or just come on your own.

I’ll bring loads of free postcards to sign and posters for schools. And if you come, it will make me happy, so please COME!

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