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FREE: Life Online Parent Pack

After an exceptional response to something I said on Twitter, I’ve created a free downloadable pack of materials to inform and empower parents on the subject of screens, smartphones and social media. It’s really for schools to make available for parents but individual parents are most welcome to access it, too.

You can share it however you like, as long as you obey the rules of copyright, which essentially mean: don’t make money from it; don’t alter it; don’t remove or alter my name; always credit me. Thank you!

[Edited to add: because of some technical difficulties, I have changed the instructions and other details on this page – just in case you are revisiting it and think you’ve gone mad!]

The pack consists of the following 

Documents are numbered 1-6 and “LOPP” stands for Life Online Parent Pack:

  1. INTRODUCTION_LOPP” –  contains important general points – read it first. It also contains a link to a Powerpoint presentation I have created for you.
  2. “RESOURCES_LOPP” – SCIENCE OF SCREENS, SMARTPHONES AND SOCIAL MEDIA – a document listing many references to research, books, reports and articles, broken down into topics. This is a really rich set of resources and should help you find the truth (as far as we currently know it) behind the scare-mongering headlines. It should also help you know more than the so-called “digital natives” you care about!
  3. “TIPS_SCREENTIME” – an A4 sheet of tips for adults and young people. You can print or share this in any way you like*.
  4. “PLEDGE_LOPP”, an ONLINE WELL-BEING PLEDGE to discuss with your family. When you’ve talked it through, draw up your own pledge, which might be the same or different.
  5. PCARD_LIFEONLINE” – a postcard with four of the best tips I have – you can replicate this in any way you like: print it, share it, embed it in a Powerpoint* etc.
  6. “PCARD_FLOURISH” – I’ve added a FLOURISH card, with core principles from my book, Positively Teenage. Positively Teenage contains advice about healthy online and offline living, so it’s relevant.

* Copyright © laws apply: you can’t sell, alter or claim as your own. Otherwise, I give permission to share freely. If you’re not sure whether your intended use is acceptable, just ask. I will always try to accommodate your needs as long as it doesn’t risk my work.

Schools are welcome to put this on their websites or school intranet or to email to parents. Individuals are welcome to download and enjoy in any way they want.

How can you get this free pack?

You will find it in the Life Online Core Resources, which also contains the unpacked items so that you can select what you want.

I’m quite surprised I managed to create this for you so quickly, as I’m phenomenally busy at the moment, but you know what they say: ask a busy person! (Or, ask a writer who has a scary deadline…)

I hope you like it. Please let me know. And don’t be afraid to point out any typos or let me know how it could be better.

Together, we can live well online. And so can young people. Trust me.




6 Responses

  1. Hi,

    I’m Atiqah, librarian in Epsom College in Malaysia. I found this article is very useful for our PSHE. However, I can’t download LifeOnlineParentPack. Can you please help us on how to do it?

    1. Hello, Atiqah. Thank you for your interest. I have just checked and the link does work. If you go to near the end of the post, you’ll see a green link (just underneath the heading “How can you get this free pack?”). If you click on that, it will automatically download to your computer. It is possible this may not work on an ipad, depending on your software, but it does on a laptop or desktop computer.

      Let me know if you have any more difficulty and I’ll find another way.

      Also note that I’m about to create a new resource page which will also have this pack on it, PLUS a Powerpoint presentation.

      I am visiting Epsom College in the UK next month, by the way. My best wishes to Malaysia – I’ve been a couple of times to speak at conferences.

      1. Hi Nicola,

        That’s the link I clicked and it does not worked. It says failed – network error. Probably something wrong with our network. Do you have any other suggestion on how to download it?

        I think I have to wait until you finished create a new resource page, sounds interesting!

        I’m sure you will enjoy your time in Epsom UK :)

        1. Oh, that’s a shame. This is a very new resource so I’ll just check with some other schools in case it’s something I need to fix. All I know is that it works when I do it but technology is often strange!

          I am creating the new resources page today but I’ll spend a couple of days perfecting it so if you could wait till Friday you should find it working well. (I HOPE!)

          1. Hello Nicola, i have just tried to download the pack and got the same error as Atiqah. Did you work out what the issue was, or might it be something to do with our security/firewalls? I couldn’t download it on my iPad either, but I haven’t tried from outwith the school network.

            1. Hi Lesley. I’ve now had several messages to the same effect. It’s a mystery to me as individuals seem to be able to download it. Anyway, I’ve spent some time today creating a work-around. If you go to the Resources section of my site and click on Life Online, you will see what i’ve done. (Basically, unpacked the items from the zipped folder, so you can access them separately. I think it’s the zipped folder that’s a problem.) Please let me know if that works! Thanks for your interest.

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