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‘Attention, Students: Put Your Laptops Away!’

I’m often asked whether it’s best to take notes on paper or screens and in INSET days I’ve previously referred to a body of research that suggests the benefits of taking notes by hand rather than digitally. That’s not to say we should all drop our digital devices and take up pens for every task. But it’s worth knowing what the science increasingly shows as a marginal – but possibly important to you – benefit to hand-writing.

So, here’s some new research reinforcing that, described by the researcher in a podcast interview, with a transcribed version, from the NPR site.

It’s really important for teachers, librarians and students – and anyone taking notes in a lecture – to think about this and become aware of how we may not be doing ourselves favours by choosing keyboards (unless there’s a good reason.) I also think it’s interesting for anyone: a neat insight into how how brains work differently on different tasks, even tasks that may look the same.

Check it out here. You can click on the Listen button or download the transcript, or both.

You’ll find more links to research to this topic on my printable handout here. And more about the Reading Brain here.


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