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Greetings to and from the Netherlands!

Visiting Horizon International in Dubai

I’m on my 5th overseas trip of 2019 and this one is by train, so the environment breathes a sigh of relief. I’m at the British School in the Netherlands, talking to parents this evening and the students of Years 7, 8 and 9 tomorrow.

(Parents, if you’d like the Powerpoint from my talk to you, it’s here. You’ll have lots of handouts, too, which the school will make available to you. Some will be printed and others you’ll be able to access electronically.)

I thought I’d write this post for the benefit of the students, mainly because we have quite short sessions and I’m pretty sure there’ll be very little time for questions. So, HERE is your chance to ask questions! You can add them to the comments below.

One topic I’ve been asked to mention to the Year 7 and 8s is about “being a writer”. I don’t think there’ll be much time but I confidently predict that these are the questions you’d like to ask, so here are the answers:

  1. Why did I want to become a writer? (Power: when you’re a writer you have power over people’s minds. Also, I like working on my own. Also, I like drinking coffee when I want to.)
  2. Which is my most successful book? (Blame My Brain – it’s sold around 100,000 copies)
  3. How many books have I written? (102, including some Thomas The Tank Engine books, which I’ll bring to prove it)
  4. What do I earn? (If people buy my books, an average of 34p per book; and I’m paid for doing events, too – I do more highly-paid events than most authors so I do OK but it’s only been in the last 5-7 years that that’s been the case. It took me a long time and very hard work to get to where I am.)
  5. What’s the best bit about being a writer? (Writing THE END. Also, of course, receiving a lovely email from a reader.)
  6. And the worst? (When someone says something really nasty in a review.)

What would you like to ask about? Here are some ideas of topics and question starters:

  • Sleep – tips and truths
  • Food for exams
  • Top revision tips
  • Is stress bad or good for us?
  • Tips for managing stress
  • “Is it true that…?”
  • “Why do we…?”
  • How I look after my own well-being
  • Am I a stressy person? Do I get anxious?
  • What do I do to combat anxiety?
  • What is a secret to well-being?
  • Why do I spend my working life helping young people with stress, anxiety and well-being?
  • Why is relaxation important?
  • What healthy hobbies do I have?
  • How do I use screens healthily?
  • How do we stop our phones making us procrastinate?
  • Should we keep our phones beside us when we work?
  • Is it OK to listen to music while working?
  • Why do people sometimes behave cruelly in groups?
  • Does using social media affect our mental health?

Are anything else you want to know that you think I might know! Put your questions below and I’ll do my best to answer them.


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