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“The best book I’ve ever read” – shout out for a Scottish school and The Highwayman’s Footsteps

I receive some really annoying emails, usually from entitled people demanding that I do something for them. But then I get some stunningly lovely ones that remind me why I do what I do. Yesterday I received a stunningly lovely one.

It was from a primary school teacher who has communicated with me before about my novel The Highwayman’s Footsteps. This enthusiastic teacher has been using it for several years with P7 (Year 6) classes at Balmalloch Primary in Kilsyth, Scotland and yesterday sent me this email:

As promised, I’ve kept your fabulous book alive for another year. The kids absolutely loved it with comments like: ‘It’s the best book I’ve ever read’ and ‘I feel I’m a better person for reading it.’ Don’t think there could be higher accolade than that

Thank you again for writing it!

And I have permission to share this wonderful photo on the right. Love it!

It also makes me a bit sad, as The Highwayman’s Footsteps is out of print. Maybe one day a publisher will publish it again, as it went down so well in schools and I still get plenty of emails like the one above. It’s one of my favourite of my novels. Such fun to write!

Anyway, a big wave from me to Mrs Vernett’s P7 class at Balmalloch Primary and I wish them a wonderful summer holiday, full of books, fresh air and wonderful adventures (though ideally not as exciting as the ones Bess and Will, my two highway”men” have). They might also enjoy using MY HOLIDAY READING FOR PLEASURE PLEDGE which I explain here.

And I have one more message for the boys and girls as they leave primary school (today!) and approach going into senior school: KEEP READING! You will grow your brains in wonderful ways and change your lives! More to the point, it feels great.

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