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Supporting teenagers starting a new school year

Teenagers and negative friendships; excerpt from The Teenage Guide to Friends by Nicola MorganI was commissioned to write a post for the Parent Hub of the Hodder Education website: New School Year – Supporting Teenagers. It’s aimed at both teachers and parents/carers. It doesn’t seek to over-protect but to understand properly what might be going on in the minds of young people coping with this specific stage of change and anxiety – even if coloured with excitement – and thus to steer them through it in a way that gives them the best chance to succeed by themselves. It’s not helicoptering but safetynetting. It’s not cottonwoolly but wise. It’s not optional but essential, if you want them to have the most amount of brain bandwidth available for the task in hand: learning, growing, developing.

For other resources for Positively Teenage, including free stuff and posters, see here. And you’ll find details of my other books here and free resources throughout my site.

Schools or conferences wishing to book me, don’t delay. I’m strictly cutting the number of bookings I take to two in each month, which means you need to be looking far ahead.

My next talk is to Dame Darcey Bussell’s Diverse Dance Mix (DDMix) organisation for their AGM. And yes, she absolutely is as lovely as she seems on the screen! More importantly, DDMix is a brilliant idea. I’ll be blogging about what I say on Sunday.


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