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My talk for Dame Darcey Bussell’s DDMIX

Last weekend I did a short talk on “Exercise and the Brain” at the invitation of Dame Darcey Bussell for her wonderful DDMIX organisation. As it was only a short talk and I have a lot to say as always, I told the audience of dance instructors that I’d put more detail on my website. That article is HERE.

I enjoyed myself a lot – first time in a dance studio and I even found myself doing a short warm-up workout led by DB. I’m still feeling the effects! I may run 4 miles three times a week but that doesn’t seem to use any of the muscles she made me use. Ouchy ouch. Must do something about that!

Everyone was completely delightful, by the way. I knew that Darcey and her CEO, Giselle Parker, were but everyone else was, too.


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