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New book: The Awesome Power of Sleep

HOORAY! I am delighted to be writing another book for Walker Books, this time on sleep. (Actually, I have a two-book deal but we’re keeping the other one under wraps for a bit other than to reveal the unsurprising information that it has the word “brain” in the title!) The Awesome Power of Sleep will appear in February 2021 but it’s already researched and the first draft is written so I am fully on top of the subject. (I’m an official delegate for World Sleep Day, which is tomorrow, when I will have an activity for you to help you sleep. Schools, families, individuals, it’s for you and it will help!)

I have two editors at Walker. (I must be too wriggly for one person to handle, or something!) Executive Editorial Director Denise Johnstone Burt acquired World English language rights from my agent, Elizabeth Roy. She and Alice Primmer are lovely and excellent – I have always valued excellent editing and loveliness helps, too. About this title, Denise said:

‘Nicola Morgan’s books are always essential reading and never has a book been more timely in view of the sleep crisis all around us. Nicola’s clear and engaging way of presenting information as well as her practical strategies and advice make this a book parents and teenagers will devour. We are absolutely thrilled to be publishing it.’

All of my non-fiction books depend on three things:

  1. Detailed and super-current research
  2. A clear, engaging and totally non-patronising style
  3. Compassion for my readers, whoever they are

“Is this for teenagers again? When are you going to write for adults?”

I was asked this the other day, as so often. Yes, I’m writing for teenagers but, as with all my books, I think many adults need it, too. There’s not really much difference, you know, except sometimes in the things we’re interested in or the context we bring. Teenagers and adults equally need sleep and for the same reasons: to make our brains and bodies work well. On average, teenagers need a bit more, but not much more. And there are some relatively minor differences in sleep patterns, which are certainly worth knowing.

But there is NO difference in how to get that sleep. No difference in the rules, guidelines and strategies. And, believe me, I have come across plenty of adults with terrible sleep habits, often worse than teenagers’ habits because the habits are more deeply ingrained.

I wrote it for teenagers but maybe you can educate your adults!

Interestingly, of all the topics that young people ask me about and want help with, sleep massively tops the list. They really so want to know: the ins and outsWhy schools should spend time and funds on stress management and wellbeing skills of sleep and how to get enough of it, what to do when sleep won’t come and how to spend as little time as possible lying awake. So, whereas teenagers may not want my advice on lots of things, they very much do want advice on sleep. When i stand in front of an audience of bleary-eyed Year 10s and ask, “How many of you would like to be able to sleep better?” the hands overwhelmingly rise. I am really looking forward to being able to help.

Schools, there will be free teaching notes and, of course, you could book me to come and do a workshop. Festivals, please contact Walker Books.

Anyone, do ask me questions, here below or via my contact form above. The awesome power of sleep is yours to harness!

Here is the press release from Walker Books.

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