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I’ve been thinking how I can be the most use to young people, schools and parents during this incredible and exceptional time. In some ways, I just need to carry on doing what I do: talking and writing about the importance of keeping mental health strong and showing you how to do that. Because you can, even during this extraordinary time, when so much that we relied on is now unreliable, and when people of all ages are feeling so anxious. It has never been more important to look after yourselves, physically and mentally, and all my books and all the words on my website are there for you, to do just that.

Here is what I’m doing and what you can expect from me in the coming weeks:

  1. I’m writing four books – two already commissioned, one very likely to be and one entirely speculative. All are on topics of mental health. One is related to this situation.
  2. I’m going to be running a writing competition based on your current experiences, diaries and thoughts about this time. There will be topics to choose from and different categories and great prizes! More details later this week but see here for the bare bones and why writing a daily diary is really important now. 
  3. I will be doing short, useful, positive, practical Monday and Friday well-being posts, with interaction on Instagram and Twitter. Follow me there (NicolaMorgan on Twitter and NicolaMorgansBrain on Instagram) for those. Please join me there! My nieces, Megan and Bethan, will be helping me as my paid assistants because their own jobs have fallen through. (Lucky for me!)
  4. I will be doing a twice-weekly book giveaway, which anyone who shares or interacts with those posts will be entered for. Be in it to win it!
  5. I will be doing a Wednesday activity – also on Twitter and Instagram – a challenge or activity for families or young people to engage with. You’ll get to post your photos or thoughts about how you engaged with the activity
  6. Schools, teachers, librarians, parents and teenagers can email me questions (through my contact page) and I will try to answer them, often by video. Obviously, I’ll need to select questions that will work for this and I won’t be able to answer everything.
  7. I am already in touch with some schools about offering free Zoom sessions with groups of students to discuss a) well-being worries or b) anything about being a writer
  8. For school leavers thinking about becoming a writer, I’m offering a Zoom session to give advice: please contact me if you’re interested.

I am really going to focus my thoughts even more than usual on helping young people deal with anxiety: please tell me how I can help.

There will be more but that’s it for now. Please ask me any questions or give suggestions of anything else I can do.

Together, we can get through this. We are all together, although everyone is also dealing with different situations and worries, but together, supporting each other, we can do this. One day, you will look back and think… Well, keep that thought because that’s going to be part of the writing competition! Take care, really.

Do comment but please remember that this site is for all ages.


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