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A few speaking slots available in 2025

It’s here! For schools, from Nicola Morgan

In the ideal world, I’d have launched this before schools started but who is living in an ideal world right now? Quite. My website designer has been working very hard on the new site and I’ve been working very hard on creating masses of material, including videos, and we’ve both been juggling life, family and the universe. But here we are! (Well, not quite because there are still some big changes to make to the blog area, but the main stuff is done.)

You’re busy so I’ll be quick with all the things I have to tell you.

Teaching Materials ahoy!

I have a new space for my teaching materials – and, most excitingly, new teaching materials, including a growing range of videos on various topics. Tackling Stress is the first to be ready, a suite of two videos, Understanding Stress and Stress Strategies, along with lots of supplementary materials and resources. Apart from the Live Online Q&A, everything comes with perpetual licences so you can keep using them over and over and over again. They are all COVID-safe, flexible, super-researched and come with my reassuring, sensible, intelligent (though I say it myself) voice of calm in a crazy world.

Go straight to the page or watch this little vid here:

Live Online Q&A

Even before COVID, I was planning to reduce my travelling and visiting schools. I’ll still do parent evenings and staff INSET (online or face-to-face) but I don’t think online talks work so well for students so I won’t do them. But I DO think informal Q&As work brilliantly, and I’ve already done one with King’s High School, Warwick, which was great fun and brilliantly received.

“… hugely valuable. The ideas were communicated with distinctive clarity without judgement or patronising (which unfortunately can often be a hallmark of PSHE type education). The evidence presented was convincing and supportive of the main points, helping communicate concepts which are of such importance for young people. [Nicola] was able to make a real impact in helping educate our students on important issues about stress and mental health (even our most cynical students had really positive things to say and took a lot away from the session).”

King’s High School, Warwick

Book early to avoid disappointment! I won’t be doing very many as they are still time-consuming and I have a LOT of writing to do, with four books all at different stages.

Exam Attack is coming SOON

Publishing on October 8th and perfect for students of all ages as they approach exams of any sort. Click here for details.

Schools, would you like to read a Netgalley proof? My publisher has given me this link for you.

And I made this little trailer:


I’m delighted to announce that the two lucky winners of my Tackling Stress video giveaway competition were the Open Academy, Norwich, and Alloa Academy in Clackmannanshire! Congrats to both librarians for entering! They will be receiving their download links very soon – once the technical storm is weathered and my website manager sails through into a calm sunshine… Thank you to everyone for entering and I’m sorry you weren’t lucky on this occasion. Blame the Random Number Generator!

But I happen to think that the videos are the best value items on my list of Teaching Materials so do consider buying them. Only £75 (currently – likely to rise soon, as everyone is telling me they are silly cheap…) and with perpetual licences so you can play them to every year group, every year, as many times as you like, forever.

And finally

A free video message from me to your students, staff and parents

Know that I care about you and your students and want the best for you. I hope that shines through everything I do.

Have a great term, despite the crazy world we live in. We can make this work.

Do comment but please remember that this site is for all ages.


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