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Important but boring – GDPR

I’m squeezing this in just before my automatic round-up of the month’s posts because this is a really boring (but important!) one and I want to get it done quickly.

I need all subscribers to my website/blog to make sure they are happy with the use I make of their data. I am very careful and respectful and would hate either to break a rule or, far more importantly, annoy you.

My GDPR compliance statement is here.

I wanted to check in with you all before the end of 2020, to keep on top of the rules, so I thought I’d do that now.

There is one small change and this is what I want to flag to you now, even if you can’t face reading that whole statement: I have added a separate list of points for subscribers to my site. 

If you sign-up to my blog/website:

  • I will never share your data with anyone
  • I will take all the steps I know of to keep it safe
  • You will automatically receive each blogpost as soon as it’s published and then a monthly round-up at the end of each month
  • Very occasionally I might have an offer or information for my blog/website subscribers only, in which case I might email you directly. (This last point is a new one, which I’ve added just in case that eventuality arises and I want to be able to contact you. This will be very rare and would be to offer a genuine opportunity rather than something annoying.)

If you subscribe and you don’t like these terms, please feel free to unsubscribe. I hope you don’t, because a) I really like you and b) I have lots of GOOD STUFF coming, much better than my recent boring posts while I’ve been waiting for my new website. It’s almost perfect now but some changes still to go before I’m going to be keen for strangers trampling through it. You’re not strangers – practically family.

Keep reading. Please. I am about to get more interesting. Also, I’m writing THREE books at the moment and I’m dying to share the best bits from all of them and shower you with giveaways and GOOD STUFF.

I think you can tell I’m rushing… Need more caffeine. Or less.

Do comment but please remember that this site is for all ages.


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