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I’ve been dizzyingly busy making resources for young people and schools, creating a range of materials teachers can use in schools and some that parents and teenagers can use themselves. Some things are free and some (called Teaching Materials here and elsewhere) schools need to buy.

The latest resource IS free. It’s a video of me answering questions on exams by a 16 year old student, Imogen, who recently took (aced) her GCSEs. You can share it freely within the rules of copyright. That means:

  • You can watch, share, play, enjoy it as often as you like, anywhere in the world, at home or in school
  • You must not make money from it
  • You must not alter it in any way
  • You must always credit me (in other words, indicate that it’s mine)

It’s here

A message for schools

I know how busy, overworked and under stress school staff must be at the moment. And you must be worrying about your students’ mental health, too. So, I would like to highlight in a clear way how I can help:

  • All my well-being and mental health books are available as print and ebooks. I can usually supply signed or unsigned copies on request, with a discount of 10%, p+p at cost, and a pile of A3 tips posters and postcards thrown in. (Contact me.)
  • I have created Teaching Materials that allow you to have all the benefits of LOADS of visits from me at a fraction of the cost
  • The Tackling Stress video set and Stress Well for Schools (a complete course, presented in pdf and Ppt form with detailed instructions and timings) come with perpetual licence so you can play/share/use them within your school forever, without limit
  • A Live Online Q&A is a brilliant way for schools to have a virtual visit and allow students to discuss and ask all the things that bother them. It comes with a mass of handouts and materials for you to use forever.
  • During Sept/Oct, all purchasers of any of those items are entered into a draw and one winner can choose one of the other items, FREE
  • I am also doing online events/talks/INSET for staff and parents. Contact me through my speaking page. Fully booked for 2020.

Please share widely with your colleagues in schools. Parents, share with your schools,. Together, we can boost mental health and brain performance, even during the toughest times.

Do comment but please remember that this site is for all ages.


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