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Read, sleep, relax, give and hope (and book GIVEAWAY)

It’s a Christmas like no other at the end of a year like no other. Most of us have had to deal with at best festive disappointments and many have had worse than that. Some people have had a truly torrid year while others are merely exhausted by all the uncertainty and worry. Although we are “all in this together”, we are also all in it differently.

But here are some things I wish for all of you, things which will help everyone, wherever your year was on the scale of weird to truly shocking. And if you keep your eyes open you’ll spot a giveaway!


Find time to curl up in bed or in a chair by a fire or on the sofa, alone or with others, and read whatever book you want to read. Read for pure pleasure and relaxation: readaxation, in fact. It will help your mind and body in ways you will notice and in ways you won’t. But it will help.


This quiet Christmas is the perfect opportunity to have some extra sleep. The best way is to have an earlier bedtime rather than get up very late. It’s fine to have a bit of a lie-in but the healthiest sleep patterns have the same bedtime and getting up time each day, if possible.

Sleep helps heal and restore every part of your body, including that most important part: your brain. It boosts cell repair, immune response, focus, mood and mental health, memory and learning.

The Awesome Power of Sleep is published on Jan 7th and I have THREE COPIES TO GIVE AWAY. Just say something nice in the comments below and ask for one! Deadline 5pm GMT Jan 7th. I’ll pick three using a random number generator. I will also have postcards and posters for schools: the FIRST five schools to ask for those will get them.


  1. Emma
  2. Elspeth
  3. Lee

Congratulations to you all and bad luck to the others – your time will surely come!

Winners, contact me with the best address to send to and who you’d like your book signed to. Hooray!

And I’ll be sending out lots of posters and cards, as promised, as soon as I have them.


I think you know how important I believe this is. But it’s also difficult, particularly if you’re like me. But it should be top of the priority list this holiday. It will help you sleep, too! But choose the right soert of relaxation for the type of need you have. See here for


Giving is important at any time of year. Giving anything, whether a physical gift or your time or a compliment or anything. Two people benefit with one gift: the giver and the recipient. You don’t need to spend money. A few kind words or half an hour of your time make a valuable gift. but if you do have money, giving a book is a great idea, of course: to help them read, sleep and relax!

And, in that spirit, my gift to you is the chance of a free signed copy of The Awesome Power of Sleep.


That’s hard at the moment, especially if you’ve been knocked down this year, but it’s your challenge. If you’re a parent or carer it’s also your responsibility to those you care for, who look to you for hope. And hope is something you can give to yourself, too: it can be grown and developed, just like resilience. The more you practise the better you’ll get at it. There’s always hope: you just have to shine your torch on it. And if your torch is too weak, join with someone else who finds hope a bit easier and share their torchlight! In other words, talk to someone, keep connected.

I think if we can work on the first four – read, sleep, relax, give – the final one will grow by itself. Hope is diminished when life overwhelms us and those things help life not overwhelm us. They are worth attention.

Better days will come but meanwhile, read, sleep, relax, give and hope. Happy Christmas!

Don’t forget to comment nicely if you’d like the chance to win The Awesome Power of Sleep – three lucky random winners. And if you’re a school, ask me for posters – first five requests get them!

Excuse typos – no time to proofread as an emergency weather situation is underway! Because 2020 decided it hadn’t caused enough trouble…



37 Responses

  1. I would love to get a copy of the book for my own children and to share at school too- once suitably quarantined of course!

  2. Can I just say that all your book covers are great :-) Sleep is so hugely important and would be great for my tween to read (and I’d also love to read this!). This looks to be essential reading.

    1. Thanks! I can’t claim credit for the covers, though i do get to tweak them or say what I like or don’t like. But I REALLY love the Sleep cover – talented artist Thy Bui – and she’s doing my next one, Be Resilient, too.

  3. Having experienced what the lack of sleep can do to our brains, I agree wholeheartedly. I wold love to have your book in my library to share with our students.

  4. We would love some posters for our small school as we see more and more tired children! Your sleep book looks eye catching and a good read. Having my teenage niece suddenly living with us and about to embark on her GCSEs, this would be a valuable book for me (and her) to read!

  5. As a School Nurse working with several schools ,I often have requests from schools , parents and young people asking for advice on sleep and sleep hygiene , particularly Bon teenage sleep problems but also primary aged children !
    It would be great to have this book to use as a resource and be able to recommend it to teenagers and parents ! A few posters would be great if I haven’t missed the boat !!

  6. My teenagers (and myself) have benefitted from many of your books, this one sounds like another brilliant one as they don’t always believe me about the importance of sleep. I would love to share this with them.

  7. It’s very easy to say something nice on this blog because I get the opportunity to tell you that I think your books are transformative and I really appreciate all the work you do for our young people’s mental health, especially in this current climate.

    Thank you!

    1. Now, if I could give the prize for nicest comment…. (even though they were all nice!) But thank you, anyway, even if you don’t end up winning in the random draw. Your words mean a lot. :)

    2. You’ve actually won! Please contact me through the contact form or my email if you have it and let me know: a) address b) who to sign the book to. Your lucky day!

  8. I’d love to win a copy of this book for the Testbourne Community School library. All your books are very well received by the students here – I can’t recommend them highly enough!
    PS I’d love a poster too if poss, thanks!

  9. Would love to add this to all the other fab Nicola Morgan books we have in our library well-being section!

  10. I would love a copy of your book for my son, he will be a teenager very soon. I have read Dr Matthew Walkers “why we sleep” and it has changed my life. I am hoping your book will do the same for my son. 😴

  11. I’d like this book for our school – I’ve started a staff reading for pleasure area and think this one would go down well with them. Whilst I am in a fortunate enough position to afford the luxuries of books, many of our TAs and support staff are not, so any books that can be shared are most welcome.

  12. Morning Nicola,

    I coach WBA U11s Girls football team and this would be great to share with the girls to educate them the importance of sleep to maintain high performance and to increase their learning.

    Thanks, Lee

  13. We have all of your books in the library and I think they are great. This one looks like a brilliant addition. I’m guessing that i’ve missed the posters now??? Thank you for all you do.

    1. I think you’re the 5th to ask for posters but even if I’ve miscounted you are welcome to some! (They haven’t arrived with me yet but as soon as they do.) Just let me know what school and what address to send to. Either tell me here or via the contact form, whichever you wish. Or email me if you already have my email address.

  14. Lack of sleep is a massive problem with students. We have all of your books, and my favourite is still Blame My Brain! I’ve lost so many copies by ‘lending’ it to friends. I can’t wait to read this one and share it with students – although I’m not sure how much of their lack of sleep is down to insomnia and how much is down to teenage night owl syndrome (secondary schools should run from 11am to 6pm!).

  15. Only just seen your post on Facebook but it looks like I’ve missed out on the posters 🤦‍♀️ such a shame as I love your books! Oh well let’s hope I’m lucky and win a copy 🤞🙏🤞🙏🤞

  16. We would absolutely love a poster Nicola, to accompany all of our other wonderful Nicola Morgan posters! I don’t need the book as our copy is being delivered today. My excuse for being late to the giveaway party – I am on the school’s Covid Testing Task Force and it was our first day today of testing Key worker children and staff! Thank you, Annabel (King’s Worcester)

  17. Hi Nicola, I would live a copy of The Awrsome Power of Slerp for our school Library. We have all of your books and I recommend them to students and staff alike. They are rarely on the shelves!

  18. Think I have missed the 5pm deadline but have been putting together resources on wellbeing and will be sharing the sleep post with our pupils next week so just wanted to say that it is much appreciated! Thank you for providing clear advice – I’m still using your FLOURISH resources too – really relevant as we start a new term (even virtually).

    1. I’m so sorry you missed it! But thanks for sharing with your students anyway. I’d be happy to send you some posters. Will i send to school? If elsewhere, let me know.

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