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Understanding and Supporting Your Teenagers – few spaces left and I’m not doing it again!

Anxiety: a Parent Guide

Following my post about supporting Teenagers in a Pandemic, let me share something I’ve just written on anxiety for HappySelf Journal. 

(HappySelf Journals are beautifully-designed and appealing journals for different ages, helping young people do that very healing and grounding activity of keeping a daily journal of feelings, thoughts, actions. Do check them out! If you sign up to their weekly newsletter, you have access to all sorts of expert advice, including mine!)

In that blogpost about teenagers dealing with this pandemic, I talked about the need to understand what anxiety is and what it’s for. This Guide helps you do just that. There will be even more depth in my webinar next week. (See below.) It’s important for teenagers themselves to understand, too. Anxiety is natural, a positive defence mechanism that keeps us safe and alert, allowing us to perform well under threat. But it can cause problems – problems which can be avoided.

ANXIETY – a parent guide is a succinct, reassuring and informative look at what anxiety is and how to deal with it in your children and teenagers. It’s essential reading, regardless of the pandemic, as anxiety is something anyone can experience and there are tools we all need to learn to deal with it.

This advice will also form part of the toolkit that attendees at next week’s Teenagers in a Pandemic webinar will receive. Click that link for details of this webinar and two others: Understanding Teenagers and The Power of Sleep. Apologies to blog readers for mentioning these so much at the moment but there’s every chance I won’t repeat them so I don’t want any interested people to miss the chance! The first one is almost sold out but there are plenty of spaces in the other two. So far!

Download the Guide here but do sign up to the HappySelf newsletter to access all the Parent Guides. I’ve also written Ten Things to Know About Teenagers and there are a couple more in the pipeline.

DETAILS AND BOOKING for Teenagers in a Pandemic, Understanding Teenagers and The Power of Sleep.



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