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A few speaking slots available in 2025

Ten minute talk on resilience – (WARNING: includes football…)

At the launch of Be Resilient I talked briefly (that was hard!) about what resilience is and gave a super-fast taster of my five building blocks. (Extracted below).

For so much more detail, insight and STRATEGIES, book your place on my full-length webinar, BOOSTING TEENAGE RESILIENCE, in Sept.

We hear the word “resilience” everywhere, but what is it – and what isn’t it? How do we get it? What does it feel like?

In the full-length webinar, Boosting Teenage Resilience, you’ll learn:

  • Why a parent saying a child is brilliant isn’t enough
  • How to give praise constructively and why praise is sometimes destructive
  • How to build a growth mindset – (and what it is)
  • What threatens or harms resilience – and what you can do to repair it
  • Why positivity is often misguided – and how we can do better than positivity
  • Why protective parenting does the opposite of protect – and why a safety-net does a better job than a helicopter
  • Why your child’s resilience starts with your mindset
  • And practical, robust strategies you can put in place for your young people, in your own family setting, whatever is going on around you

In the meantime, your own resilience will grow!

Who’s it for?

  • Parents, carers, other relatives
  • Teachers, senior management, pastoral staff, other professionals
  • Anyone who cares about young people

It’s not cheap but it’s terrific value. You’ll get a copy of the Powerpoint and lots of handouts. And if you’ve booked a ticket but miss the event (or even part of it) you’ll get the chance to have the recording afterwards.

NB You will NOT BE ASKED TO JOIN IN! A webinar is great for people who just want to listen. You’ll all be off camera and on mute. What’s not to like?! (But, if you want to, you CAN ask questions in the Q&A section.)

So here’s the launch extract taster thing

One of the guests said on Twitter: “My teen watched Nicola talk for ten mins then turned to me and said, “OK, I’m convinced, I’ll read the book. Can I go now?”

That’ll do me!

As well as Boosting Teenage Resilience, you might also be interested in Teens and Screens. (Book for screens and get £5 off Resilience.)

Come with me: I know my stuff – the science, the wisdom, the research, the psychology. You won’t be disappointed. I’m here to help.

And hurry: earlybird prices won’t last forever!


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