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Worried about going back to school?

Students and teachers often experience anxiety before the new school year starts. Even if you feel positive about your experience of school and have no particular reason to worry or fear, it’s still a big wrench to go from the relative freedom of the holidays to the pressures of work, study and peers. But for some people the anxiety is major and it can spoil the last weeks and days of the holiday. Scottish schools start back quite soon so I’ve written Five Ways to Build Resilience For a New School Year for Scottish Book Trust about how to prepare the young people in your households – and yourselves, as my advice is usually just as good for adults as young people!

A couple of years ago, I wrote New School Year: Supporting Teenagers for Hodder Education, which you’ll also find helpful.

My latest book Be Resilient, is perfect for this topic, helping young people become stronger to face anything difficult.

But if you really want to be equipped to build resilience on your young people (and yourself) then I strongly recommend my webinar, Boosting Teenage Resilience. Earlybird tickets are still available and you can also buy one for a friend on a “buy one, get one half-price” deal. You’ll get so many insights and a really strong grasp of how to build resilience – and how to avoid reducing your child’s resilience.

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