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Understanding and Supporting Your Teenagers – few spaces left and I’m not doing it again!

Three things for schools and families

I don’t know about you but I’m feeling quite dragged down by this summer. I think we all need to take action to lift our spirits. I’ll write about that later but meanwhile I have three things for you.


First, I’ve just sorted a snap summer sale for most of my products for schools and families, reducing the prices significantly. I have no idea how soon I’ll put the prices back up again so don’t delay! You’ll find recorded webinars for parents, carers and teachers, as well as classroom materials with whole-school, perpetual licences. And they were good value even before I decided to do a sale!

For parents and carers I most recommend any or all of the three recorded webinars – each is down from £10.99/£9.99 to £7.99 or you can buy all three together for £21.57, saving over 30% on the full separate prices.

For schools, any of the recorded webinars also comes with a school licence which makes it incredible value for a simple INSET session. Or you can get huge savings on the package of Tackling Stress videos PLUS Stress Well for Schools.

The prices really are quite silly so I honestly don’t know how long they’ll last!


I was listening to my recorded audio event, “Start Listening to Yourself”, for the Edinburgh International Book Festival, in which I am interviewed by Holly Bourne. (She did a great job, btw!) It struck me that it would make a wonderful basis for a lesson for students aged around 14/15-17/18. It’s clearly divided into the five resilience pillars I talk about in Be Resilient. You could listen in stages and pause for discussion.

This audio could work really well split into sections for Tutor Times, too, as I know teachers are always looking for ideas and activities for that. There’d be very little prep – just listening in advance (and the advice works well for teachers, too, so you’d be benefiting yourself!)

Why not later add on a Live Online Q&A so students can ask the questions that might arise from that?


Don’t delay in signing up for the Boosting Teenage Resilience webinar on Sept 18th. We’re all going to need a bit of resilience and I have ALL the advice and strategies, which work as well for adults as for teenagers. (For your reassurance, you don’t need to DO anything – you’ll be invisible and on mute but you can type questions if you want to or else just listen.)

Keep strong, keep well, keep building your brilliant brain. Together we can do this!


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