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A few speaking slots available in 2025

Are your teenagers (getting) ready to fly? FREE EVENT

Do you have teenagers who are soon to be leaving home? Or worried about leaving home? Or desperate to leave home but you’re worried whether they’re ready?

If you’re thinking about their next phase beyond school, you might be overwhelmed by all the things to get your head around over the coming year. Help is at hand: I’m speaking at a free virtual event with some other great speakers. Join us!

The event is called Ready To Fly and it has been created for parents, to help give you and your teen a flying start as they enter the world beyond home.

Join me and other bestselling authors and experts who will share simple yet powerful advice and tips to help young people step out into the world powerfully, confidently and ready for anything.

To register, click HERE

As many of you know, I very rarely do events without a fee. Partly because I’m a working person who, strangely, needs to pay bills. I’m also very serious about my work and there’s a principle at stake: my expertise is worth a lot and has been hard won over many years. Even if I could afford to work for nothing, I usually wouldn’t because that devalues what I and others do.

But occasionally I do and dynamic parent of two, Onika Griffith-Elliot, has organised an event that feels sincere and sharply focused. Something about how she approached me made me decide that this was really worth doing. I also remember how I felt when my older daughter was about to leave home. We didn’t have online events then so I did the only thing I knew how to do – wrote a book, The Leaving Home Survival Guide, now sadly out of print. Since you can’t buy that book, I’m happy to support a leaving home event!

I’m looking forward to Onika interviewing me and I’ll give you the best help I can to build resilience and self-knowledge into your young people so that they can stride out into the world with confidence and courage.

I’ll also offer you a lot of free handouts and materials.

Do join us – it’s going to be uplifting, useful, focused and positive. And FREE!

To register, click HERE

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Together, we can do this!

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