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New book – No Worries!

I keep thinking I’ve said everything I want to say and there are no more books in me. After all, over 100 have come out of me and it’s hard to imagine how that many words were ever inside me. But then another idea comes along and…

This one came a few weeks ago when I read that the word anxiety is the most common word that 9-16 year olds use when talking about health and wellbeing. I might not have been surprised but I was certainly sad.

I needed to do something about it. And all I can do is write and speak words. And words are very powerful things. So I pitched the idea to my publisher, Walker Books, and No Worries: how to beat teenage anxiety was quickly born. I’m delighted to be working with my clever editor Alice Primmer and publisher Denise Johnstone-Burt. I feel in such secure hands with them. Alice has an incredible knack of not just knowing when something is wrong but how to put it right.

Oh, and I have been given the best cover artist! Not sure if I am allowed to say who yet. So I won’t, otherwise I’d worry about saying the wrong thing…

This from the press release that was reported today:

Walker Books is delighted to announce the acquisition of No Worries: How to Beat Teenage Anxiety
by Nicola Morgan. Senior Editor Alice Primmer acquired world English language rights for one title
from Elizabeth Roy at Elizabeth Roy Literary Agency.

No Worries: How to Beat Teenage Anxiety is a practical guide to help teenagers understand their
relationship with anxiety and cope with all the challenges of modern life. Based on the latest science,
No Worries is packed with advice on how to recognise anxious thoughts and master the best tricks
and hacks to stay firmly in control of worries and embrace calm.

The title will publish in paperback in August 2023.

Commenting on the deal Nicola Morgan said, “I was sad to learn that ‘anxiety’ is the word most
commonly used by 9-16 year-olds when talking about their well-being. In today’s world, more than
ever, we all need tools for calmness, and the younger we learn these tools the better. When we say
‘no worries’, we don’t mean that there is nothing in the world to worry about – we mean we can deal
with the worry, that no worries are as strong as we are. No Worries shows you how to achieve this,
even if you’re a natural worrier like me!”

Primmer added, “Nicola’s clear-sighted and practical advice is invaluable to teenagers (and their
parents), and there’s no better time to bring the trusted voice of our award-winning teenage brain
expert to the subject of anxiety. We’re very proud to be publishing this essential guide to equip
young people with the tools to tackle their worries and live brilliantly.”

My husband was fairly “to the point” (aka laughed rudely) when I said the title was No Worries. “But you worry all the time!” Fair enough, I’ve got a lot of worries at the moment, like lots of people. And fair enough, I am not always coping with them 100% brilliantly. But I’ll give myself a score of 85% in a coping exam and I consider that the other 15% is what keeps me human.

Besides, in my opinion, people who don’t worry at all don’t get so much done; they are not hungry enough for success and action; they can’t be relied on to focus on important (to me) details; they must surely be blinded to the obvious awful things in the world, things which if we don’t notice them and worry about them we can’t do anything about. Worry is a brilliant needle to goad me into action. And then, when the action has been taken, then I can relax.

So this book is for people who want to control their worry responses better but who don’t want to become careless, thoughtless, insensitive – robots – but to be people who ride out into the world with a strong spirit, people who have the courage to look their fears in the eye and face them down, people to whom doing the right thing matters, whatever that right thing might be for them at the time. People who know that yes, there are worries in our world but that worry will not wreck their life. And that their life can feel better if they learn to be better than their worries.

This book is for you and it’s for me, the book whose advice I need to follow. Now I just have to write it. No worries!


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