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How to build a brilliant brain – and win books!

Next week sees the publication of my latest book, TEN WAYS TO BUILD A BRILLIANT BRAIN, illustrated by Risa Rodil, and so, to celebrate, I’m giving away books and some insights into this book, including something about each of the ten ways, over the next ten days.

How important is this book?

In terms of its usefulness and impact for young readers, it is the most important book I’ve written. It’s not game-changing, parent-changing and career-changing, like Blame My Brain – The Amazing Teenage Brain Revealed, but it is child-changing and brain-changing for the young people who read it.

Who is it for?

You’ll notice I said ‘child’, whereas normally I’d say ‘teenage’. It’s actually for adolescents, starting from around nine or ten years old; but everything in it is also equally applicable for adults, even much older adults. You are never too old to improve and understand your brain!

What are the TEN WAYS?

Over the next ten days, I will give you one a day, starting tomorrow. In the book, each chapter takes one of the WAYS, explains the science behind it and then gives practical examples of how to put it into practice.

There are also lots of extras: fascinating facts, brain boosts and my answers to questions from actual young people – the Y7 and Y8 students from Stockport School. I am doing a special event there later in the year and can’t wait to meet them and their enthusiastic teacher!

How can we win copies of the book?

Simple! All you have to do is add a comment to at least TWO***** of the Ten Ways posts that will appear over the next ten days, starting tomorrow. (More comments will be very welcome but you don’t get more chances by adding more than three.) *****I originally said three but decided on the first day to change it to two. I didn’t want to ask for too much!

I will give away a copy to FIVE lucky winners, drawn completely at random using a random number generator. (I give each valid entrant a number.)

A few extra rules:

  • If you’re not in the UK, that’s fine but if you win you would have to nominate an UK address.
  • If you win, you’d need to give me your postal address, which a) I would not share and b) I would not store after posting your book.
  • The deadline is August 10th, 6pm UK time.

And I’ll have postcards and posters for schools, too. Just let me know if you’re a school or would like cards and posters for any other reason. Anyone can have them but I don’t want to send you something you don’t want!

GOOD LUCK! And even if you don’t win you’ll have a more brilliant brain at the end of it. That’s a promise!



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