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Ten Ways to Build a Brilliant Brain – 1

To celebrate the publication of TEN WAYS TO BUILD A BRILLIANT BRAIN on Aug 4th I’m a) giving away free copies – Hooray! See here – and b) giving you free insights from the book – Hooray! Read on!

Each chapter takes one of the ten ways, explains the science (because, without understanding, the advice is just a barked instruction, whereas I want my advice to be meaningful, powerful, trustworthy and to become part of your understanding of the world and yourself) and then gives lots of ways to put it into practice.

The first of the ten ways is “Grow Brain Connections”. The chapter is based around growth mindset and there’s a mindset quiz to see what yours is like now. I show you how you build brain connections while trying, practising, copying, sleeping and even failing. You’ll learn about the importance of daydreaming or mind wandering. Staring out of the window is useful!

My selected tip for today is to do just that: stare out of the window for at least five minutes, three times today. Put your phone/computer/device away, out of sight and switched off, and give your brain the chance to switch into the “default mode network” and just wander where it wants. If it wanders to somewhere annoying or negative just gently pull it back.

Or, if you don’t want to sit still and stare out of the window, go for a walk, ideally in a nearby park so you can have a bit of space and not too many distractions.


Don’t forget: to have a chance of winning one of five free signed copies, add your comment beneath at least TWO of the numbered Ten Ways posts, starting today. Details/rules here.

Look out for TEN WAYS in your local bookshop. And if you don’t see it there, ASK! You can pre-order from Bookshop-org from my own page and if you do, you help independent bookshops AND me! Thank you!

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