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How do YOU build your brilliant brain?

I’m delighted to bring you an activity and resource to chart and celebrate the actions you take to build your brilliant brain. It’s called My Brilliant Brain Actions and is based on the “ten ways” in Ten Ways to Build a Brilliant Brain. It’s free, obviously! You can use it in a personal, family or educational setting.

“Do I need to buy the book?”

I’ll be honest: if you do you’ll be doing your brain a huge favour by enriching the ideas for each of the “ways”. I’ll tell you the ten ways for nothing – see below – but the book gives you the science behind each one, so that you feel more motivated and informed, and lots of ways to put it into action.

But you can do this activity without buying the book, because I’ll give you some tips.

The best thing is to read the book and then do the activity. The activity is also perfect if you’re a teacher or parent and using the book as a teaching tool.

What to do

First open or download this chart: TenWays chart. You can either download and print it or open so you can fill it in on your screen. Clever! When you’ve filled it in for this week, you can print it and start another for next week.

Then open or download this sheet: How to fill in My Brilliant Brain Actions. This also has a quick resumé of the Ten Ways.

Have fun building your brilliant brain!

Scottish schools, for the chance to win a free copy, see this tweet below. You just need to follow me, then RETWEET it with a COMMENT by 6pm BST Aug 18th. Good luck!

Do comment but please remember that this site is for all ages.


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