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Understanding and Supporting Your Teenagers – few spaces left and I’m not doing it again!

Show a teenager you care – AND enter the giveaway!

Do you know a teenager who needs a boost? Maybe some praise, encouragement, reassurance, inspiration? Would you just like to show them you care, that you’re thinking about them? It might be their birthday or not. Perhaps they’re going to start a new school term? They’ve been through a tough time? Worked really hard despite everything? Kept trying? It doesn’t even have to be a special reason – you just want to show you care, you’re here, you’re there for them.

You’re in luck! I’m getting ready to launch my Gift for a Teenager – a beautiful and unique personalised package, perfect for giving them inspiration and strength. All for £16.50 (plus £3.45 p+p).

But before the launch, I have some to give away – read on!

The package consists of:

  • A personally signed book (you choose from a selection)
  • A special notepad which guides them to take control of their day and their own challenges – carefully designed by me, pitched perfectly for young minds
  • A personal message from me, based on information you give me
  • A selection of postcards – so you can also write your own message, if you wish
  • All wrapped in soft eco-friendly ribbon with an inspiring message from me to them


Ahead of the launch on June 1st, I’m offering you the chance to win one of FIVE of the packages.

Just add a “pick me” style comment below – but hurry: deadline Friday May 19th!


  • One entry per person
  • Deadline 5pm BST May 19th
  • UK addresses only (comment from anywhere but you need to nominate a UK address if you win)
  • All valid entries will be numbered and drawn by random number generator
  • Winners will be announced on my website on May 22nd and I will email you for details
  • Book choices will be from: Blame My Brain (brand new edition), Teenage Guide to Stress, Teenage Guide to Life Online, Teenage Guide to Friends, Positively Teenage, Exam Attack, Be Resilient and The Awesome Power of Sleep


Subscribers to this blog/site will receive gift with each purchase in June. The gift is a branded USB stick pre-loaded with the ebook version of Mondays are Red, my first teenage novel which was originally published by Hodder Children’s Books. The ebook can be read on any ebook reader, phone or computer/laptop/tablet.

When you order your Gift for a Teenager, you’ll have the chance to request this extra gift. Make sure you subscribe first!

Hooray for gifts!

I’m very excited to be offering this and I hope we can spread the love amongst the young people we care about. Sometimes it’s the simplest gifts that say so much. Over the next couple of weeks I’ll talk a bit more about both the value of giving and the importance of how we focus on the things we can control – and how this gift helps young people do just that.


  1. Subscribe to the website or blog (they’re both the same) if you haven’t already
  2. Add a “pick me” type of comment below – in other words just say something that indicates to me that you’d like to be included in the random draw.


28 Responses

  1. Pick me! My 12 year old is really struggling at the moment with anxiety due to dyslexia, physical probs and the change to secondary school this past year. He needs a pick me up!

  2. I would love to pass this on to one of my reading ambassadors from the school library who is currently studying for her exams. Pick me so I can pick her.

  3. Pick me! I regularly recommend your books to my teenage students. My year 10 student librarians are learning from watching the Year 11s going through exam anxiety at the moment. I’d gift it to one of the most anxious of them.

  4. I have bought lots of copies of your excellent books for the academy library but would love to win a package for a special teenager who is struggling right now. I do hope we are lucky.

  5. I would love to gift this to my son. He has responded so well to reading books created to help his sometimes fidgety brain (I just have to recommend the book ‘stuff that sucks’ to any parent with a child with worries) and has been a superstar at seeking out help when his transition to high school had moments of brain chaos. I would love for him to benefit from this.

  6. Ooo please pick me… my 12 yr old Son is having a tough time finding himself and settling into secondary school and his choices are dubious… I really want to help him understand the changes going on in his head and arm him with resources to make better choices. (Hopefully!) 🤞

  7. Please please pick me! Would love to gift to a neighbour, battling mental health challenges and GCSE exams!

  8. Pick me! My 13 yr old son is finding school a difficult place to be as well as his head. He is a reader and I think he would read this book.

  9. Pick me! Your books are absolutely brilliant – I love the way you explain things. I’d love this for my 17 year old son who is finding life challenging right now and the boost of winning would most definitely be appreciated … as would all the ‘stuff’. Thank you for doing this 🙂

  10. I’d be thrilled to be picked. A year 13 gifted me a beautiful, handmade, jewelled bookmark today to thank me for always giving her space in the library to study. I used to be one of the TAs that worked with her when she was younger so before she heads of to uni, I’d love to be able to gift something appropriate back, as a gift from the library.

  11. please pick me! I’m a secondary school librarian and there are many students I know would benefit from something like this.

  12. What a fabulous gift! Please pick us 🙂 ! Teen and I need to sleep better and understand the challenges of teen family life for less stress and more calm!

  13. I teach teenagers, many of them and your books are an inspiration to both me and them! Just wanted to say thank you! I would love a copy of your notepad to use in our class journals.

    1. Hi Miranda and thanks for your lovely comments! The giveaway has ended now. If you’d like to buy a notepad without a gift package, I can do that for £5 +£1.85 p+p. There are 50 pages in the pad. Just email me ( if you’d like one. I would also include some postcards for some students. We can discuss quantities and I’ll see what I can do. Thanks again!

Do comment but please remember that this site is for all ages.


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