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Tackling a challenging time – made simple

Some days are more challenging than others. And sometimes we go through phases when every day feels challenging. Some teenagers feel like that a lot. So do some adults! At those times, it’s common to lie awake going over and over the things that are bothering us. Sometimes we can’t even explain what is so difficult or worrying but our mind just does it all for us, without us wishing it. Sometimes I feel like giving my mind a good talking to!

What can we do about these phases where the days seem full of challenge and we just want to do out best?

The notepad that I created to go with the Gift for a Teenager aims to tackle this.

It asks the young person (or any person!) to acknowledge what the challenges are, insert some healthy actions for the day and assess what skills or strengths they’ll need to meet the challenge. Then, at the end of the day, they reflect on what went well – did they use their skills? – and whether there’s anything they’ll do differently tomorrow.

This is a useful approach because:

  • It focuses on what we can control
  • It breaks things into small, manageable steps
  • It gets us to analyse them rather than blindly panic about them
  • It gets us to choose healthy actions that will make us stronger and readier for action
  • It allows us to reflect more than react and plan more than panic
  • It encourages us to notice what did go well so that we can build on that

Is there one small thing you can do differently tomorrow? Focus on it and ignore the rest.

We are all human, all vulnerable but all able to grow. You, the adult, shouldn’t do everything for them but you can encourage them and build their confidence.

How can you get a copy of this notepad for a teenager you care about?

It’s part of the Gift for a Teenager that I’ve just launched. It’s a lovely gift for a young person, coming with a signed book and personalised inspirational messages from me.

I also have a gift for YOU: subscribers to this website will receive a gift with each purchase of a Gift for a Teenager in June. Subscribers will receive an email about that tomorrow. Have you subscribed?

Did you win a free Gift for a Teenager in last week’s giveaway!

The winners are: Davina Winter, Elizabeth, Debra Godrich, Emma A and Rachel Huskisson – hooray for you all! Please look out for an email from me in the next few days. If you don’t receive one, please email me as it might have gone astray:

Who would you give this Gift to?

And why? What would you tell me about them in your order, so I can write the best message to them? What do they need: encouragement, praise, gratitude, support, inspiration, hope?

It’s like a hug- but a hug they can keep forever.

Meanwhile, feel free to use the ideas on the notepad to help your teenagers and yourself tackle the challenges ahead.

Do comment but please remember that this site is for all ages.


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