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Understanding and Supporting Your Teenagers – the video

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I’m giving a keynote talk tomorrow at the Words Count Conference in Lincolnshire, part of their excellent Year of Reading 2023, to an audience of primary and secondary teachers. My talk is Reading on the Brain – the surprising and inspiring science of reading for pleasure, wellbeing and stress management. As well as the actual presentation, which will be jam-packed with info and insights, there’ll be lots of handouts and resources of my own.

Edited to add: I’ve just come across a new study, published today, with strong evidence about the power of early reading for pleasure on outcomes for adolescents in terms of cognitive development, brain structures and mental health.  After reading it reported in many places from a press release (never the best way to understand a piece of research) I tracked down the original paper and you can read the whole thing here.

Now I want to flag some resources that various brilliant organisations have put together.

Book Trust has some exceptional materials

Empathy Lab has wonderful ideas for boosting empathy through reading – and boosting reading at the same time

  • It’s also the perfect website because everything is there on the home page! I’m not even going to point you towards specific things as there is so much and it’s easy to find – you know what YOU want for YOUR school
  • (FYI I have written about empathy and stories – including TRUE stories – see here)

The National Literacy Trust has serious, robust resources

A few extras from me, which are in your handouts but you might prefer to download them here:

But never forget the message you have in your delegate bag…

Wishing you all a wonderful summer holiday with lots and lots of reading for pleasure! And do see the GIVEAWAY below…

Three more things

  1. Looking for a Gift for a Teenager you care about? I have an idea here. Perfect for the summer holidays or new school term.
  2. Want to invite me to speak at your conference or staff training? I talk about teenage brains, learning, stress, anxiety, sleep, screens, peer pressure, social media, self-esteem, exams and, of course, the science of reading. Hurry – only a few dates for in-person events left. Plenty of online possibilities, though. See my Speaking page. (No, it doesn’t talk).
  3. New book alert: No Worries – How to deal with teenage anxiety comes out on Aug 3rd. Have you entered the GIVEAWAY??

Together, we can beat this!


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