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HappySelf – Parent Guide to Anxiety

I was delighted to write The Parent Guide to Anxiety for HappySelf a while back. And I am sharing it again with you now, to back the publication of No Worries. If you look on the HappySelf Instagram over the next few days you’ll spot a giveaway for No Worries, too!

Journalling works brilliantly for so many people and is a great way to switch off from the relentless bombardment of stuff coming in and just reflect on your feelings, your experiences, your ideas, wishes, dreams, memories – whatever you choose. The HappySelf journals make what might feel daunting easy. They are beautifully designed and very strokable and keepable.

Check out the The Parent Guide to Anxiety now. And do sign up to the HS newsletter so you don’t miss their other gems.

No Worries is coming on Aug 3rd. Your anxiety, sorted. You’re here for your teenagers and I’m here for you (and them).

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