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I’ve moved – please come with me

From today, I will no longer be blogging here. You will find me on my shiny new platform on Substack, where you won’t find very much at the moment as I literally only started today. But I will quickly add the best content I can – including on a couple more topics (my fiction/current project and the art of writing/publishing).

This post will explain why I’ve moved. It wasn’t as sudden a decision as it might seem. Substack is a better way of reaching readers and engaging with them, which is what I want to do. I don’t want the algorithms of Instagram or the new methods of Twitter and a blog/website feels very solitary and uncollaborative – too much like writing a book! I don’t really know if anyone is reading this…

Also, I do too much for nothing and I think that some people at least would be happy to reward my hard work with a little payment. I’d love you to but you don’t have to – some of the best posts will be free and I will just be happy to have you there.

Anyway, just take a look at everything I’m offering here.

What will happen to all these words here?

Some I’ll take with me. Some I’ll leave here. Some I’ll delete, gradually. Or maybe suddenly. I might slash and burn – I’ve always been the opposite of a hoarder.

Is anything staying the same?

Oh yes! I haven’t changed – I’m still doing the same work. I’m still writing books, giving talks, helping people.

I’m just doing things more on my terms and some people might choose to pay me to work really, really hard, as I always did. And if they don’t, I’ll just stop entirely! Retirement!

Please hop over to substack and see what I’m offering.

All my blog subscribers here will shortly receive an email with a special offer including a book giveaway to say thank you.

Thank you – and good bye! If you’re here.

Do comment but please remember that this site is for all ages.


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