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A few speaking slots available in 2025

What have I been writing about recently?

You might have missed the fact that I now add new material and blog posts on Substack rather than here So occasionally I’ll drop a note here just to keep this website fresh. Got to keep the SEO effective, as my business assistant has just reminded me! And I will in any case keep doing housework on this website to tidy up pages and update my information and resources. I actually enjoy housework – don’t have to think as much as when writing something new!

What will you find me writing about on NicolaMorgansBrain on Substack?

More of a smorgasbord. that’s why I like it. I will write about:

  • Brains – new thoughts and insights about how our brains work and how we can make them work better, especially teenage brains but really any brain will do
  • Books –
    • The power of books and reading on the brain and on our lives – the science of reading
    • My own journey back into writing fiction (a slow start, I’ll admit but I will have progress to report soon)
    • And advice for you about becoming published
  • Building better lives – just that

Please join me there!

What will you find here on THIS website, though?

  • Everything that’s here now
  • News and notices of events you could come to (a webinar is being planned), giveaways and things to benefit you – stay tuned!
  • I’m still offering the Gift for a Teenager but once I’ve sold the current batch of notepads I may stop this – fun but time-consuming and I need to WRITE and LIVE!

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