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Understanding and Supporting Your Teenagers – the video

Health and wellbeing

I’ve written over 100 books and this is a selection. I don’t sell them myself but there are links for you to buy them from, helping independent bookshops (and me!)

Five steps to resilience, backed by strong understanding of human minds and delivered with Nicola’s trademark empathy.
Showing young people and their adults how to approach adolescence healthily, with optimism, understanding and self-belief.
Ten proven ways to make that lump of stuff in your head work brilliantly for you. Full of facts, brain boosts and brilliant ideas. Perfect for ages 9+.
All you need to know to get the best sleep possible as often as possible – and why you’ll be glad you did. Aimed at teenagers but helpful for everyone.
A practical, positive guide to exam success and beating stress – for students of all ages, facing any exams and tests.
Showing young people that they are not alone, whether their worries are small or big. Offering understanding and strategies.
A balanced, clear, evidence-based look at how to live healthily with our wonderful screens. For adults, too!
Helping readers understand the people they deal with every day – friends, enemies and those in between.
Tackles the fascinating psychology of body image as well as the practical ways we can make our bodies as healthy, strong and brilliant as possible.
Study skills for students facing exams, with tips, science and advice. (Co-written with three other experts.)

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