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Understanding and Supporting Your Teenagers – the video

Research topics

References and resources, split into four main topic areas

Adolescent Brains and Lives

Everything from peer pressure and risk-taking, sleep and emotional changes to exam pressure and the effects of stress on learning. You’ll also find out about “Positively Teenage” and the concepts of FLOURISH. 

Wellbeing and Stress Management

I explain how stress affects us – physically and mentally, and positively and negatively – and reveal how it can affect our brain bandwidth and performance. Once we start to see how we work, we can really start to take control and build great wellbeing. 

The Reading Brain

Reading for pleasure is not a “nice-to-have” – it has vast benefits to individuals and society. I help teachers and librarians bring those benefits to all children by sharing the fascinating evidence and promoting readaxation. 

Life Online

Adults think young people use their devices too much; young people think adults don’t know what they’re talking about. I think we all need to know the facts, need to be able to discern truth from twaddle – and that’s where I can help. I share what the science says. You’ll find a free Parent Pack, too.

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