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I’ve written over 100 books and this is a selection. On each book’s page you’ll find a link to buy from the excellent, or go straight there and buy ANY book, including some I recommend, helping independent bookshops AND me. Thank you! 

Teenage non-fiction – 11 to adult

Anxiety is human, natural, healthy – but too much of it can be a problem. NO WORRIES gives you all you need to keep anxiety well controlled. Tame your anxiety guard dog!
A best-selling classic and the first book in the world to show teenagers what’s going on in their heads. Brilliant, insightful, reassuring and empowering. NEW EDITION DATED 2022 and has green sticker.
Five steps to resilience, backed by strong understanding of human minds and delivered with Nicola’s trademark empathy.
Showing young people and their adults how to approach adolescence healthily, with optimism, understanding and self-belief.
Ten proven ways to make that lump of stuff in your head work brilliantly for you. Full of facts, brain boosts and brilliant ideas. Perfect for ages 9+.
All you need to know to get the best sleep possible as often as possible – and why you’ll be glad you did. Aimed at teenagers but helpful for everyone.
A practical, positive guide to exam success and beating stress – for students of all ages, facing any exams and tests.
Showing young people that they are not alone, whether their worries are small or big. Offering understanding and strategies.
A balanced, clear, evidence-based look at how to live healthily with our wonderful screens. For adults, too!
Helping readers understand the people they deal with every day – friends, enemies and those in between.
Tackles the fascinating psychology of body image as well as the practical ways we can make our bodies as healthy, strong and brilliant as possible.
Study skills for students facing exams, with tips, science and advice. (Co-written with three other experts.)

Teenage fiction – 12+

Fleshmarket is set in the 1820s in Edinburgh, a city of cruel contrasts between the lives of the rich and poor, and home to the infamous Burke and Hare, who sold their murder victims to brilliant anatomist Dr Robert Knox.
(ebook only) Luke finds that his world has changed when wakes from a coma after meningitis. He has synaesthesia; he has a weakness in his leg, disastrous for such a brilliant runner; and he discovers that synaesthesia gives him endless power.
(ebook only) Two YA novels now republished as one ebook. Two deep, fast-paced, mind-stretching, coming-of-age thrillers, appealing particularly to readers who enjoyed my most recent YA novel, Wasted.
Wasted is about luck, chance, risk, fate, danger, passion, hate, alcohol, music, and why leaving the house a few seconds later could change your life.

For writers – adult

(ebook only) Most writers hate writing synopses. In this short ebook, Write a Great Synopsis – An Expert Guide, I take the stress out of the subject and apply calm, systematic guidance, with my renowned no-nonsense approach and laconic style.
(ebook only) You’ve written the best book you can and you believe there are readers for it, but how do you persuade an agent or publisher to take it on? The first thing they will see is your letter or email and that short document must sell your book.

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