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The Awesome Power of Sleep

Late nights, addictive technology and minds racing with exam stress and friendship worries: it’s no wonder the teenage stereotype is tired eyes and sleeping through the weekend. Just like adults, teenagers are sleeping less now than ever before, yet sleep is crucial to our health and well-being. Internationally renowned expert on the teenage brain, Nicola Morgan, tackles this essential subject, asking why teenagers so desperately need a good night’s sleep, exploring what a lack of sleep does to their developing brains, and explaining how to have the best sleep possible.

Authoritative, accessible and informed by the latest scientific evidence, a fascinating and helpful guide for both teenagers and adults alike. A great resource for schools wanting to empower teenage mental health and well-being. Perfect for PSHE departments and lessons about healthy lifestyle choices.

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Here are some useful free resources:

Here are some materials to display in classrooms or bedrooms. You can download them here to print for yourself.

  1. A postcard with tips: Awesome Sleep_POSTCARD
  2. A poster with more tips is on the left:  Awesome Sleep_POSTER
  3. Another awesome poster with MORE tips: The Awesome Power of Sleep Poster

Meanwhile, here are a few things referred to in the book:

  • A sleep diary relating to the morning: MORNING
  • A sleep diary relating to the evening: EVENING
  • A pre-sleep checklist: CHECKLIST

First review, from Bookbag, and it’s a cracker.

Love this one in The Irish Times. “…measured and reasonable. Morgan, author of many excellent non-fiction titles for teenagers, explains the many benefits of sleep clearly and with reference to the available scientific evidence, without getting as evangelical about it as some of the experts she draws on (Matthew Walker of Why We Sleep fame among them).  … The tone is accessible but never condescending; Morgan has empathy for young people and is unafraid to note the hypocrisy of adults when it comes to “sleep hygiene” measures such as avoiding screens before bedtime. She’s also careful to note when the evidence is limited, or to explain that “averages” refer to statistically likely, rather than definite, outcomes. This encouraging of scientific literacy is very welcome – and necessary.”

The Independent has taken the unusual and absolutely correct step of reviewing my book alongside mainstream adult titles, in The best self-help books for 2021

And in Surrey Matters, again reviewed alongside adult titles: here

The School Reading List has a detailed one here.


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