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Understanding and Supporting Your Teenagers – the video

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Exam Attack

Exam Attack has everything you need to know to help you face exams confidently and strategically. Sections are: The Right Mindset, Planning and Preparation, Best Ways to Learn and Revise, Practical About Well-being and a Countdown to Exams. It’s perfect for students of all ages – even adults will benefit! It has the starting point that most people don’t like exams and that they are stressful because they are supposed to be and because a bit of stress, well-managed, actually helps us give our best performance. Exam Attack is full of practical tips to keep you on course to produce the best results you can.

Whether your students typically sail through exams or find them difficult and distressing, Exam Attack speaks to all equally and acknowledges their different challenges.

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See lots of extra resources below.

Resources for you – for parents, teachers and teenagers:

The Big Folder – a whole folder of printable materials, some aimed at adults and some directly at young people: BigFolder of exam resources for parents

Here are three key items from that folder:

  1. New (2024) handout for parents: Supporting your exam students
  2. A handout about fuelling the brain and body: Food ideas for exam time. Note: these are deliberately intended that you can adapt them to suit your own family’s diet and preferences. If you don’t eat a particular food, either ignore that idea or substitute something you prefer.
  3. A printable revision time-table template, with instructions: Revision Timetable


A relaxation audio:

A video interview between Nicola and a GCSE student, Imogen, from 2020:

A snappy 6-minute video of TEN TIPS for exam students:

And, last but very much not least, see my Substack for new material, including a video which will be available from Mar 4th 2024.

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