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No Worries – How to deal with teenage anxiety

Many people get too anxious about anxiety. They treat it as though there’s something wrong with them. But No Worries shows you the truth: that anxiety is a normal, natural and even healthy human reaction. It keeps us alert, strong, safe and successful but letting us know when there’s something in our environment that we need to look out for.

The trouble comes when that alert button is too active and we feel anxious when we don’t need to: when we’re trying to relax or go to sleep, or when we’re just trying to get through the day and succeed in our work, social activities or any aspect of life.

NO WORRIES is the brilliant, science-based, reassuring and practical answer. It shows you that anxiety is just like a guard dog that needs some good training to keep it under control.

In three sections, you’ll learn everything you need, whatever age you are:

  1. Anxiety and YOU. Where are you on the anxiety scale? Is it a big problem for you or just an occasional one? What do you have going on in your life that is anxiety-inducing? How do you compare with other people? What are the physical and mental signs for you?
  2. What is anxiety? What’s the biology? What’s going on in our bodies and brains? What’s normal? What are the signs that anxiety is becoming a problem, and even an illness?
  3. Brilliant strategies that WORK. Over 100 things you can do and how to choose which to try. Special symbols show you which are best for prevention and which for intervention; which are best for real relaxing and which are best for distraction.

With quizzes, facts, ideas and Nicola Morgan’s trademark reassuring, unpatronising voice, this is the only guide you need to manage your anxiety guard dog.

Nicola Morgan is available for talks and training for parents and professionals. Contact her!

You can buy from (supporting me and independent bookshops) or you can buy as part of the Gift for a Teenager, direct from me and personally signed to the teenager of your choice!

NEWS: currently shortlisted for the 2023 Teach Secondary Awards

Key reviews:

Highly practical and written in a language that is both accessible and full of wisdom, this is a book I’d strongly recommend to all young people particularly if they are struggling with pressures and the resultant anxiety in their lives. Assuredly one to add to a teenager’s bookshelf; it’s packed with helpful information and advice.” Red Reading Hub

“As a person who suffers with mild anxiety I really wish this book was around when I was a teenager. […] Every secondary school library/classroom/pastoral department needs a copy of No Worries: How to deal with Teenage Anxiety for young people to be able to access.” Little Blog of Library Treasures

… particularly necessary in today’s world[…] [Nicola Morgan] incorporates a good deal of research into her explanations. She is clear to distinguish between anxiety and an anxiety disorder […] Morgan reassures readers that being anxious is not in itself a problem and is often your brain working as it should.” Irish Times

“…provides some very positive and practical strategies about teenage anxiety […] This is a comprehensive and very interesting overview of a complex subject […] written in a friendly and accessible style which will appeal to many individual teenagers and their parents. I can also see how it could be usefully used as part of a PSHE curriculum.” The Letterpress Project

Resources for you:

Download this folder of resources:  ANXIETY/STRESS

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And The Parent Guide to Anxiety which I wrote for HappySelf Journals



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