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Understanding and Supporting Your Teenagers – the video

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Study Skills (GCSE)

Study skills for students facing exams, with tips, science and advice. I co-wrote it with three other experts. My topics were about preparing your brain and mental health and managing stress. I talk about sleep, nutrition, exercise, as well as stress and learning tips, and I take the approach of a sports coach preparing you for a big competition.

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This as one of the most enjoyable commissions of my career. Leckie and Leckie knew exactly what they wanted, explained it clearly and looked after me really well while I wrote it. The editing process was smooth as silk. And they’ve given away freebies and done a great job of supporting it. AND I got to go to the Local Hero Awards in Edinburgh!

See their fab website here. With videos 🙂

I also blogged for them several times – see here.

There are two editions, one for Scotland (National 5s and Higher exams) and England/elsewhere (GCSE). Different covers, identical content.

After all, a brain is a brain and an exam is an exam, wherever you are.

I can’t find a buying link to the Scottish one – sorry.

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