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Understanding and Supporting Your Teenagers – the video

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The Teenage Guide to Friends

The Teenage Guide to Friends tackles the all-important subject of friendships, taking the view that if we understand human behaviour – why we do and say and feel what we do and say feel – we can cope so much better when people behave in negative ways. Originally titled Ten Things You Need To Know About The Person Sitting Next To You, it’s really a basic guide to human psychology in the context of the behaviour of people around us. It has sections on making friends, being a good friend, how to deal with problems, not fitting in, toxic friendships and frenemies, building empathy and many reasons why people behave as they do to you. Core target age: 11-14 but suitable for anyone interested.

It also contains quizzes to help you understand aspects of your own personality, too. Great fun and intriguing but, more importantly, very insightful and reassuring.

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