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Write a Great Synopsis

Most writers hate writing synopses. They need dread them no more. In this short ebook, Write a Great Synopsis – An Expert Guide, I take the stress out of the subject and applies calm, systematic guidance, with my renowned no-nonsense approach and laconic style.

Write a Great Synopsis covers: the function of a synopsis, the differences between outlines and synopses, dealing with requirements for different agents and publishers, finding the heart of your book, how to tackle non-linear plots, multiples themes, sub-plots and long novels, and it answers all the questions and confusions that writers have. I also introduce you to my patent Crappy Memory Tool, explain the art of crafting a 25-word pitch, and demonstrate with real examples. Gold-dust for writers at all stages.

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Only available on Amazon as an ebook. If you are outside the UK, you will need to visit your own country’s Amazon page. Thank you!

Carole Blake, literary agent and author of From Pitch to Publication, called it “pure gold”, and many aspiring writers have said that it has saved their sanity and shed a bright light on the shadowy problems of synopses.

See this short and snappy video trailer by my daughter.

Carole Blake said: “I know that writing, crafting, synopses is something that causes more anxiety and frustration for authors than almost any other part of the writing or submission process.   But Write a Great Synopsis puts it into context, giving it perspective and de-mythologising it.  It is a truly fabulous tool for authors, addressing a problem area that can stop new writers in their tracks.  As someone else might say – ‘Calm down dear, it’s only a synopsis’.  I think this book will alleviate so much of the stress that writers feel when approaching the moment when they must write a synopsis.  Congratulations to Nicola Morgan: I will be recommending it to clients.”

Writers’ responses:

Michael Cail: “I loved it! It explodes so many myths about synopses and their uses. By following the practical advice in the book, I don’t think being asked to provide a synopsis will fill me with the icy dread it once did. I also loved the use of examples provided to Nicola’s blog. By rewriting them, it really gives a clear example of what information to include and what should be discarded.”

Joanna Cannon: “Such an incredibly useful book and I’m so grateful to it for unravelling the many mysteries which surround synopsis writing. Just the word ‘synopsis’ had the ability to make me feel slightly queasy, but Write a Great Synopsis answered all of my awkward questions and now I actually want to write one. The book is written with Nicola Morgan’s usual wit, wisdom and honesty and these qualities, as well as the clear, helpful information, make her advice stand out in the crowd of ‘how-to’ books on the market.”

Bryony Stocker: “Fantastically helpful and showed me immediately where I had gone wrong.”

Liz de Jager, My Favourite Books Blog: “Write a Great Synopsis is invaluable from an aspiring writer’s point of view.  Having read a great many blogposts and comments from all and sundry on the internet, and still come away confused, I fell on my copy of Write a Great Synopsis with gusto.  Nicola Morgan has gone and, in her usual charming and no-nonsense style, given us something to refer to again and again.  There is solid advice from Nicola, several actual examples, but also commentary from industry professionals, which genuinely makes you re-think your approach to writing in general, and working on that synopsis.  It was revelatory and I’m genuinely pleased to have had the chance to read it and will be recommending it to all my writerly friends.”

Clare Kirkpatrick: “I had been dreading trying to write a synopsis but I am now actually itching to get the novel finished and polished so I can get to what now feels like the exciting job of writing the synopsis!I had a go at the method Nicola recommends, and found to my delight that my novel does indeed have a heart and it’s not just a pile of tangled crap after all. I am all fired up again!”


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