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As some of you know, I used to spend a lot of time giving advice about how to get published and how to stay published and even how to earn a living being published. I haven’t written on this topic for ages, partly because I’d pretty much said it, partly because I’ve turned it into some books, and partly because my career in writing and speaking about wellbeing has taken off in a rather major way in recent years.

But there’s something I often used to say and which I need to say again.

Writers read.

You cannot write if you don’t read. Reading is food and nutrition. It warms up and inspires the creative muscle. I don’t know and have never heard of a writer who doesn’t read. A lot. And who wants to read more.

More particularly, writers read in the genre(s) in which they write. They often read in other genres, too, but they have to read the books their (potential) readers are reading.


Because writers need to be experts in their genre, otherwise how will they know what’s been done already? How will they know what works and why and how?

Because writers write what they write because they love what they read/write and therefore they want to read/write more like it.

Because to love the books our readers love is to respect our readers and to share something with them. We need to be on the same wavelength as our readers.

So, writers, read, because writers read.

Seems like a perfect excuse to curl up in the warm indoors with a good book this weekend.

For those of you who have asked if I’d ever go back to my Crabbit Old Bat persona and start giving writing/publishing advice again, *waves*. I may have some news soon, too. Well, when I say “soon”, I don’t mean soon – the wheels of publishing turn slowly, after all.



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