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Reading Well for Being Well

Be Resilient features prominently on the brand new Reading Well for Teens booklist from The Reading Agency – especially selected books to help teenage mental health and well-being. I was at the launch in London and was very happy to meet the two people I’m doing this FREE online event with tomorrow – Oct 20th 10-11am. At the event, musician and performing artist Love Ssega will interview me and author Sita Brahmachari about books, our books, and how books and our books can help mental health. This is for anyone interested in teenage mental health – including and ESPECIALLY young people themselves. You can ask us questions!

A problem – or a challenge to be solved?

Hhhmm. We’re talking about books and the power of reading but a) we’re online and b) I suggest we spend more time offline but c) my website is MASSIVE so how can I honestly advise us all to get offline and then put such a big and useful website online and expect people not to read it?!

My answers:

  1. You have the power to read online AND offline. Online things are not bad for us – it’s when the balance goes wrong that it can be bad for us. We can healthily enjoy online stuff as long as we also enjoy offline stuff.
  2. I suggest that when you go to a website (or do anything else online) it’s a good idea to start with a target and a time-limit: eg “I’m going to spend half an hour researching Nicola’s advice on sleep” / “I’m going to spend 20 minutes scrolling happy images on XXXX”  then set a timer. And then obey the timer
  3. Be self-aware – when something makes you feel bad, think about whether you would be better not reading/watching/engaging. That doesn’t mean running away from things that are important and useful but it does mean acting strongly to shut down unhelpful negative noise. You have so many wonderful things to do with your time – like chatting with good friends or reading a book…

Here are some inspirational cards you can download and either print or add to your devices to remind you how to look after yourself: Inspirations Folder

PS tell your parents to do exactly the same – I may be The Teenage Brain Woman but my advice is for EVERYONE!

Here’s a link to a short video of me talking about Be Resilient at the online launch for the book. Resilience through the medium of football! Perfect to introduce the topic of resilience in schools.

Here’s an interactive leaflet about the Reading Well for Teens list

Message to schools and others: I’m cutting back on events for personal reasons but I will still do a few. Take a look at my Speaking page and then get in touch if you want to chat about an event. Book early to avoid disappointment.

Anyone can contact me through my contact page, of course. Please do!

I look forward to being as helpful and insightful as possible for you on Oct 20th. I’d love to see you there. (Obviously, I won’t see you…)

Sign up for the free event here

2 Responses

  1. Nicola, I came across your impressive resource. I would love to incorporate some of your reading ideas into our own site teentempo. We are a global site but do have good UK coverage. We are especially focused on collaborations with UK creative writing faculties.

    1. Thanks, David. Please feel free. Just include a credit and link back to my website; make sure any quotes are exact and in context; and that’s all you need to do! All the best, Nicola

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