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Exam season in your household – are you ready?

Are you a parent of a teenager coming up to exams? I’m here for you! I’m in the process of gathering together all my various and copious resources so that they are all in one place. Currently they are scattered high and low and you don’t have time to go searching.

Here’s the plan:

  • On my Substack (available from 11.30am Monday Mar 4th) I’m giving a free video session aimed directly at parents (and teachers) of teenagers approaching exams. I’ve timed it to fit neatly in time for planning the Easter holidays, that period where you have both all the stress and tension and all the opportunities to make it all go as well as it can. How can you help – and how can’t you?
  • I’ve already flagged this here where I introduced the topic and added some resources, including a recorded video aimed directly at teenagers themselves. Obviously – well, I think it’s obvious – the advice for them is different from the advice for you.
  • The advice will include tips and strategies as well as things like revision time-tables and ideas for nutritious meals and snacks.

In the video session for parents on Mar 4th, I aim to:

  • Give you a deep insight into two main things about teenage brains and show how this directly and powerfully affects how they feel and behave in the face of exams, granted that they are also all different and individual. There’s something going on which you need to know about. When you do, you can breathe more easily and help them more calmly.
  • Point you towards lots of strategies for supporting them, for being like a sports coach nudging them towards their best performance.
  • And you can ask questions below the video from Mar 4th. The video will stay there, free for all, indefinitely.
  • I will also give you some news about a public webinar I’m planning on understanding teenage minds and brains. Spaces will be limited for the webinar so don’t delay!

So, as I say, follow me on Substack and then you won’t miss anything.

Meanwhile, to get ahead of the game and give your teenager the reassurance that will help them, do check out my book (for them) Exam Attack. If you buy using the link you’ll find there, you’ll also be helping support my work. Thank you!

Do comment but please remember that this site is for all ages.


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